WINPOWER CORPORATION (M) SDN. BHD is a Malaysia incorporated company with 100% Bumiputra equity. WINPOWER was set up to tap the dynamic business potentials in the Malaysian testing and scientific instruments and training equipments for  electrical , electronic mechanical and other related sectors.


An experienced management team staffs which consist of individuals, each with years of vast experience in the business.


WINPOWER is fully support by its principles and suppliers who are exclusively represented by WINPOWER, thus providing the advantage of:-


Direct interface with and control of order where working schedule inspections and activities are monitored closely.
Close communication and liaison between client and WINPOWER on design variation and technical clarification.
Accurate and detailed job status reporting with periodical updating as and when required.


WINPOWER is geared forwards becoming an established company in the test instrument and other related product. It also provides efficient and professional services to its clients and customers.




The objective of WINPOWER CORPORATION (M) SDN. BHD. is to expand and enhance its reputation for providing of quality goods and services to the Malaysian instrument and related industries particularly in the test and scientific instrument and eventually into regional market.

 This will be achieved by ensuring high standard of professionalism in its daily operation as well as customer support services in to meet clientís specification.  In order to obtain such standards, a team of experienced and qualified staff with proper operational system and supporting tools will be maintained.

 The development of management and engineering expertise shall be an accomplished by the continually upgrading of manpower resources through the use of new technology, training and further education.  This will provide a level of competence essential to meet the increasing technological demand of companies that WINPOWER seek to gain business with and to further enhance WINPOWERís reputation with existing clients.

 In achieving these objectives, WINPOWER will also maintain its commercial profitability, which further development cannot be accomplished.



Test instrument for scientific and engineering applications equipment.
Training equipment for technical school, universities and corporate leech.
Telecommunications equipment.
Automated storage and retrieval warehouse.
Energy systems, including renewable energy resources technology.


Plan and develop ideas of new technology to Malaysian authority / entity.
Provide scientific information scene.  This includes proposals for new application of technology.


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